Fmf 2017 Husqvarna Fx450 Bike Build | Rmatvmc

FMF 2017 Husqvarna FX450 Bike Build | RMATVMC

Создатель: Rocky Mountain ATV MC

Размещено: 13 мар. 2017 г.
Просмотрено: 46 019
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Donny Emler from FMF picked this bike as his blank slate because he likes riding track and trail and didn’t want to be limited on either. Since the FX comes stock with an 18 inch rear wheel, larger than average gas tank, and a kickstand, the Husky is set up to be capable off road right out of the gate. Get a taste of everything that went into the bike and watch the video to see the bike in action and hear what Donny has to say about it. Get all your bike build needs at Read More Here!
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